Strategic Asset Performance Manager, Western Power

Carlos Gamez

Carlos is a well-recognised electrical engineer, with strong commercial and regulatory experience in both the manufacturing and utility sectors.

He is also a thought leader in asset reliability engineering and has conducted many workshops at Western Power and across Australia.

After graduating from Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Carlos started working as a Transformer Design Engineer at PROLEC-GE, the biggest transformer factory for General Electric in the American continent.

He then gained expertise working in various roles such as Design Engineering, Product Development, Manufacturing, Technology and Software Development, Field Engineering and Customer Service.

In 2007 Carlos was seconded by General Electric to move to Perth, WA to start up the Transformer Division to provide Field and Workshop Maintenance and Repair services to customers across Australia.

Having fulfilled this mission, in early 2011 Carlos accepted the position of Principal Consultant with Assetivity, a consultancy firm leader in Asset Management. In this period, Carlos developed a holistic point of view by working on projects within the Asset Management frameworks which eventually shaped the ISO 55000 set of standards published in 2014.

In 2014, Carlos joined the MM Group to build and grow the TxMonitor business unit. In this capacity, Carlos negotiated the acquisition of a NATA certified Mineral Oil Laboratory as well as leading the development of the specialised asset management software application TxAnalyser.

Carlos joined Western Power in 2016 as Team Leader of Operational Asset Performance and in 2017 was seconded as Technical Lead of one of the Corporate Strategic Initiatives.

At Asset Management for Critical Infrastructure 2019, Carlos will explore Western Power’s new Digital Asset Management Strategy and what other organisations can learn from the utility.