Chief Technology Leader, Infrastructure Management

Dr Tim Martin

Tim has graduate and post graduate qualifications in civil engineering from Monash University and the University of Melbourne. He has over 40 years of experience in a wide range of infrastructure engineering.

Since joining the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) in 1990 Tim’s research at ARRB has involved leading an extensive road track cost attribution study resulting in the current basis for the NTC’s national uniform heavy vehicle charging scheme. Tim designed and implemented a major national observational study using long term pavement performance (LTPP) and long term pavement maintenance (LTPPM) sites and experimental studies with accelerated load testing leading to the development of a range of pavement deterioration and works effects models for arterial road sealed granular pavements in a life-cycle costing approach to asset management. This research was extended to the development of road deterioration models for unsealed and sealed local roads as part of a national local roads study across all Australian states.

Tim has been involved with the estimation of the marginal cost of road wear and a substantial refinement of the heavy vehicle charging scheme so that it can be applied on a mass-distance-location basis across Australia as a result the above road deterioration studies and the application of recent international practice in this area.

Tim has also been involved in establishing relationships between customer level of service (CLoS) and technical levels of service  (TLoS) for both road freight and passenger vehicles on arterial roads. Tim managed the technical update of the 2018 Austroads Guide to Asset Management (AGAM) that is aligned with the principles of ISO 55000 and has reviewed the current Austroads Data Standard. Tim played a major role in the development of the risk-based framework for the residual risk approach for Queensland Transport and Main Roads.